The Aranya Center for Ayurvedic Healing and Learning offers residential Panchakarma (Detoxification) treatments, as well as group residential Ayurveda and Yoga retreats to learn to live holistically, according to traditional Hindu Ayurvedic Principles.

A Center for Learning and Healing

Aranya which means ´sacred forest´ is set in a secluded private forest stunning private hilltop forest estate in North Goa (Arpora). The site is surrounded by the original forest and yet is close enough to reach the beaches and restaurants within 10 minutes or so. With sweeping views of the sea and countryside of North-Goa, an infinity pool and a wooden yoga platform, The Ananya Center is based on the Hindu Ayurvedic way of live using traditional Ayurvedic and Yoga to learn, heal and teach in an extraordinary location.

You can also come to stay with us at any time to follow a Panchakarma treatment. You will find details of these treatments on our site and we can offer a consultation beforehand to answer your questions.

We also organise group retreats taught by some of India´s best teachers and focus on an Ayrurveda based way of living but also have retreats by guest teachers that focus on other disciplines that they know well. Our idea is to teach our guests to help themselves to live happily and healthily according to their Prakriti. Most retreats are organised on a residential basis and we have enough place to sleep 32 people at Aranya. 



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