The Aranya Center for Ayurvedic Health and Learning is a 'modern ashram' where you can immerse yourself in healthy living and emerge rejuvenated. We are dedicated to the ideals of nurturing life and learning to heal oneself and others, because we believe the power of healing is within you.

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Weight Management

Get to a healthy weight and stay there, change your lifestyle.


We recommend relaxation, meditation, oil therapies along with lifestyle changes.

About Us

Our center adapts all the authentic treatments prescribed through the ages and does not compromise on the ancient science. In keeping with this traditional approach, our first step is to assess the constitution of a person as Ayurveda asserts that no two individuals are same. This concept is called 'Prakriti'.

Next, we prescribe treatments including ayurvedic medicines that are made in-house, Abhyanga massage treatments and a recommended lifestyle crafted around your individual assessment.

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