Food & Accommodation

img_4067zAranya Retreat is made up of 4 villas each with a spectacular view of the sea and lush valleys below. The 16 bedrooms can accommodate up to a total of 40 people. Each of the bedrooms is built with simplicity, privacy and basic comforts. We have single, double and triple occupancy rooms suited for groups and individuals.

In the center of the 4 villas is a practice area large enough to accommodate yoga sessions for 35 people and lectures for 60 people. There are four large indoor halls that can be used for lectures, and practise for up to 16 people each. Around the villas there is ample space to go off exploring, on walks or find a secluded area in nature to meditate, contemplate, create, and transform.

At Aranya we believe all food has energy, and it is this energy that allows the body to rejuvenate and energize. The meals are cooked with the utmost care to ensure each dish maintains its nutritious and energizing qualities. Aranya encourages a vegetarian diet and our chefs cook using fresh crops from local farmers. We also bring in specialists that lead and educate groups through various detox and diet programs.