Our Artist and Writers Retreats

1. Can I join in some of the residencies, retreats and events?
Yes normally you may be able to, depending on what it is we are offering. Generally self development and teaching programs are open to all, however this depends on the teacher and the group. Check our events calendar and apply to us.

2. It all sounds great but I don’t have too much money, I’m not sure if I can afford it..
We understand that as an artist or writer you may be short on resources. We host the Artist/Writer residencies a few times a year, when we aim to subsidize the costs. You can apply for these. The rest of the time, we welcome Artists or Writers at any time for stays of 3 weeks.

3. Do you do offer free residencies?
We need to cover our costs, so when we do residencies say for young artists, we try to find the money to cover their costs or to make it very low.

4. I am an Artist, do you have a studio where I can work?
Yes, when we have retreats we convert one of our largest rooms to a studio, which has ample place.

5. How often do you host the Artists or Writer’s retreats?
We host them a few times a year. Watch the website for dates, or subscribe to our newsletter for information.

6. Is this only for Writers and Artists? Im a scriptwriter/a dancer… and I want to come to deepen my practise in a quiet place?
You are certainly welcome for the solo retreats, however for our organized retreats you would need to apply and we would consider if you would fit in with the group in terms of your interests.

People coming on an solo retreat

1. I would like to come and stay and just do my own thing. Is it possible?
As long as you will be working (!), meaning doing your creative work, yes we are fine with it. We are not renting rooms otherwise just to stay.

Renting the Entire Facility for a self organized Yoga or other Retreat

1. Can we rent the entire place for a workshop or retreat that we would organize?
Yes you can. These activities help us defray our expenses for the Artists and Writers residencies.

2. Is there a platform for yoga practise?
Yes around 80 sqm wooden platform made of Burma teak. Please see it on the photos page.

3. We wish to rent the entire facility – Is there a minimum stay?
Yes – normally it is 3 nights, prices will vary though if you take it for longer. We generally prefer a one week minimum stay. Over the Christmas and New year weekend and Easter it is a minimum 3-4 night stay – again we may give a preference to a one week stay.

4. We require privacy. Is this possible?
Yes. Let us know your requirements, we are open-minded.

5. Can you organize masseurs, yoga teachers etc.
Sometimes we can inquire for this. However we can only try this for larger groups.

6. I wish to rent the facility for our own retreat or for a wedding/vacation. Can I have a party there?
As long as there is no loud music, you may, but you would need to clear it with us in advance. However if others are using the other properties it may not be possible.

7. Do you do the food in case we rent the whole place?
Depending on the requirements we could offer cooks plus expenses or we could offer an all meals plan.

Vacation Rental or Weddings/Events

1. When I’m there will I be alone or will I connect with other writers and artists?
During our 3 week residencies there will be ample opportunity to connect. At other periods we hope that there will be

2. What is the capacity of each house and is it strict?
8 people per villa, possibly one more child. Yes it is strict.

3. What are the outdoor and indoor open areas like?
There is a pool and a common garden. There is also a platform for joint use for Yoga etc. There is also an indoor hall around 50 Sqm per house. If you take the whole property or two, one can be used for dining and the other for practise etc.

1. How far are you from the beaches and restaurants
We are set in the hills behind Baga and Anjuna beaches. Baga, Calangute and Anjuna are 10-15 minutes away. These villages also have many restaurants and places to go out.

2. Is there security available on-site?
Yes we have security personnel who lives near the gate. it is quite secure however as we are in nature.

3. Are the kitchens equipped?
Yes with all the basic appliances, dishes and crockery/cutlery for 8-10 and with spices etc…

4. What is the temperature up there?
It is a few degrees cooler than in Goa due to the greenery around. In the day its like everywhere else, but cools down during the night.

5. Can we get transport easily?
There are taxi services around that can come in a short time to the property to pick you up. You can also rent a car for self drive.

6. Can you organize food?
For our own programs and residencies, and for retreats that take the entire property we do offer food cooked home-style on the premises. For those renting it for vacation or events the properties (one of the four villas or all) are mostly offered on a self-catering basis. It may be possible for us to ask some cooks to come to the property to cook. The payment is made directly to them on a per day basis.

7. Are there attached bathrooms?
there are 3 bathrooms, so one is shared by 2 in an upstairs downstairs format.

8. Are the rooms airconditioned?
No. We don’t believe airconditioning is required. the rooms are cooled by fans.

9. What about damages?
You are fully responsible for damages. A deposit of Rs 15,000 is kept towards damages and returned at the end of the stay.

10. How do I book?
Email us or phone.

11. Are there rooms for singles sharing (twin beds)?
All double beds. Two rooms in each house are quite large and could accommodate an additional bed, however we will have to give express permission for this.

12. What are the bedrooms like?
Simple but comfortable. Good mattresses and good quality linen.

13. How does one get there? Can you organize pick-ups?
You need a car or transport like anywhere else is Goa. We can help with pickups. You pay the driver directly.

14. When do we enter the property and when are we expected to leave?
12PM is the check in/check out time.

15. What are the payment terms?
Full payment in advance.

16. What are the cancellation terms?
Depends on when you cancel and the season. Generally not refundable unless it is over 30 days before arrival less Rs 25,000. At the peak season it is not refundable.